[Agora Deposit] H 6:4: Bronze Head Well

A well behind the Stoa of Zeus. Noted as the finding place of the bronze head of Nike, B 30 ... 260-210 B.C.


[Agora Notebook Page] Α-1-112

Cisterns. Excavation Notes. Miniature Vases. General Discussions. North Chamber. Cistern. General Discussion. Southern Chamber. Northern Chamber. Late Cistern in 31-33/ΙΓ. Wells. Cisterns in West Scarp ... Α-1 G 6:2 H 6:9 H 6:4 G 6:3


[Agora Notebook Page] Α-4-77 (pp. 738-739)

Well ... Α-4 738, 739 Α:1932.0215:26 N 1272 Α:1932.0215:27 Α:1932.0215:28 Α:1932.0215:29 N 1273 H 6:4 ... 279-168 B.C.


[Agora Notebook Page] Α-4-82 (pp. 748-749)

Well ... Α-4 748, 749 H 6:4 ... Feb 17 1932


[Agora Notebook Page] Α-4-85 (pp. 754-755)

Objects. Feeder. Well. Lamp ... Α-4 754, 755 P 233 L 353 H 6:4 P 233 L 353 ... Feb 17 1932

[Agora Object] IL 9: Iron Lamp

Mended from two fragments. Handle and tip of spout missing. Leaf shaped small saucer, narrowing to a point or spout in front. Remains of vertical loop handle, broken away, at back. Small round base. Well, ... 10 March 1932

[Agora Object] P 233: Feeder

Mended from several fragments. A good part of body walls and rim missing. Body like that of small amphora with greatest diameter below center. Low ring base. Mouth closed by strainer (eight holes around ... 17 February 1932

[Agora Object] P 248: Plate

Broad rim divided by grooves into three ridges of which the innermost is the highest. Interior slope, rim to center, a triple-curved line. High ring base, mesomphalic. Buff, micaceous clay; inside painted ... 20 February 1932