[Agora Deposit] N 17:1: Well

Stratified well; very late Roman verging on Byzantine. Coins 19 April 1939 #1-#8 22 April 1939 #1-#2 25 April 1939 #1 15 May 1939 #1 Subdivisions: .1=0.00-15.25m. .2=15.25-21.00m. .3=21.00-22.00m ... 3rd-5th c. A.D. 9th c A.D.


[Agora Report Page] 1939 Ψ, s. 2

Well ... 1939 Ψ B 666 B 667 L 3712 L 3713 T 1985 T 1986 T 1987 S 1144 T 1989 P 15323 P 15324 P 15302 P 15305 P 15304 B 698 B 699 G 204 N 17:1 N 17:2 ... 1938


[Agora Report] 1939 Ψ: Section Ψ Season of 1939

Eugene Vanderpool ... During the 1939 campaign in Section Ψ, several wells were dug that had been discovered but left unfinished or undug in 1938: Great Hole and Early Well at 33/Z (N 18:8); Tiled Roman Well at 18/H (N 17:1); ... 11 Apr 1939


[Agora Publication] Graffiti and Dipinti

Lang, M ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Over 3,000 informal inscriptions scratched or painted on pottery, lamps, or other clay fragments have been found in the excavations of the Athenian Agora. In this volume, 859 of these graffiti and dipinti ... 1976


[Agora Publication] Roman Pottery: Fine-Ware Imports

Hayes, J ... The American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Examples of Roman period red-gloss and red-slip pottery generally termed terra sigillata found during excavations in the Athenian Agora form the focus of this volume. These fine wares, like the other table ... 2008

[Agora Object] T 1984: Female Mask Fragment

Mouth and chin from a tragic (?) mask preserved. First interpretation: fragment from a large figurine or perhaps a head-vase. Clay gray to brown; buff surface. Well. Container 32. 1110 Leica ... 18 April 1939

[Agora Object] T 1988: Mask Fragment

A single fragment broken all around preserves part of chin, mouth, cheek and hair at left side. Traces of white on face and red on hair. Thin white inside. Well. Container 42. 1110 Leica ... 18 April 1939


[Agora Object] T 1989: Seated Draped Female Figurine

Complete save minor chips. The lower part of the figure badly out of proportion. High headdress, hair parted in center at front. Pupils and outlines of eyes black; eyeballs white. Under-garment white ... April 1939