[Agora Deposit] N 20:1: Well

Use filling of first half of 1st c.; dumped filling of late 1st c.(?). This well, near its mouth, cuts off the end of the upper passage of the cistern at 53/Ε. Subdivisions: .1=Dumped filling .2=POU ... First half of 1st c. A.D. POU

[Agora Deposit] N 20:1.1: Dumped filling

Containers 1-14. Very fragmentary pottery. Some material earlier than late 1st c. A.D. Coins: 10 May 1939 #4-#5 11 May 1939 #4-#9 12 May 1939 #5 15 May 1939 #7-#9 17 May 1939 #1-#2 23 May 1939 #1 ... Late 1st c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] N 20:1.2: POU

Containers 15-37. Masses of pots, largely water jars; fragments of Pergamene; Samian B; brittle ware; ER unguentaria. The following finds on deposit list as bottom fill (.2) are from depths of level .1: ... First half of 1st c. A.D.

[Agora Object] P 16184: Black Glaze Lekanis

Three joining fragments preserve base, much of body and most of one handle. Rim fitted for lid. A small open bowl with ring foot. Black glaze except under foot. Well, container 6. 410, 671 Leica, 82-480 ... May 1939

[Agora Object] P 16191: Amphora

Intact, save minor chips. Rather wide mouth and neck; broad shoulder with groove. Squat body tapering sharply to a small flat bottom. Broad grooved handles, from ridge below lip. Gritty buff clay; light ... 5 June 1939

[Agora Object] P 16193: Bowl Fragment: Brittle Ware

Five joining fragments preserve most of bottom and part of side and rim. Plain vertical rim, marked off by a groove outside; straight side. Foot a low ridge. Hard brownish-buff clay; unglazed. Fine fabric ... 5 June 1939

[Agora Object] P 16196: Bowl or Plate Fragment with Graffito

Single fragment preserves part of an edge, probably from a spreading foot with elaborate ridged and grooved profile (perhaps a fragment of lip?). Samian B. On concave side, two letters deeply incised: ... 5 June 1939

[Agora Object] P 16199: One-Handled Jug with Dipinto

Fragments of body missing; restored in plaster. Narrow mouth and neck; thickened lip. Egg-shaped body tapering downward to small ring foot. Short rising handle. Black dipinto below handle: Brownish-buff ... 5-7 June 1939