[Agora Deposit] N 20:5: Roman Well at 74/I

Well at 74/Ι Use fill from early 1st to 3rd c. A.D. Dump fill from 4th c. A.D ... 1st c. to 3d c. A.D.

[Agora Object] P 12458: Amphora Fragments with Dipinto

Shoulder, lower part of neck and lower parts of handles preserved; non-joining pieces in tin. Cylindrical neck, rounded shoulder, broad handles, triple grooved. Dipinto in red on shoulder: Very gritty ... 9 April 1938

[Agora Object] P 12459: Amphora with Dipinto

From the shoulder of a large closed pot (amphora?). Thick deposit of black substance, resin or pitch, on inside. Dipinto, incomplete at left, in thin black line: Red-brown clay. ADDENDA Mended up to ... 9 April 1938

[Agora Object] P 12460: Amphora with Dipinto

From the shoulder of a large closed pot, possibly an amphora; thin coating of resin or pitch on inside. Dipinto in black, incomplete at right: Yellow-brown clay. ADDENDA Mended up to make a pot: P.H ... 9 April 1938

[Agora Object] P 12463: Amphora

Pieces of shoulder and lip missing. Restored in plaster. Very low base ring, depression in center of bottom; rounded shoulder; narrow, short neck with groove and ridge at bottom of vertical lip; ridged ... 9 April 1938

[Agora Object] P 12478: Amphora with Dipinto

Large piece of sides and shoulder, from a closed pot (amphora?). Dipinto in black on shoulder: Gray clay, surface badly peeled. ADDENDA Mended up to make a pot. H. 0.395; Diam. 0.28. Fragments of handles, ... 16 April 1938

[Agora Object] P 12261: Amphora with Dipinto

Bottom, much of wall and two pieces from shoulder missing. Inverted, pear-shaped amphora with tapering neck and thick flaring rim. Shallow wheel grooves around shoulder. Small handles, below lip to top ... 22 March 1938

[Agora Object] P 12262: One-Handled Jug with Dipinto

Rim and bottom missing. A hole broken through the shoulder in front and small pieces missing from the wall behind. Bulbous body tapering to bottom; short small neck; handle from below lip to middle of ... 22 March 1938