[Agora Deposit] Q 15:1

Great Drain and Pit at 55-56/ΙΗ-ΙΖ (Roman Group K) Coins 8 June 1933 #4 9 June 1933 #5-#6 10 June 1933 #1-#12, #13-#16 13 June 1933 #1-#25, #26-#29 14 June 1933 #3-#4 15 June 1933 #1-#5, #6-#8 17 June ... Mid 3rd century

[Agora Object] L 2651: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Leaves and bunches of grapes on rim, rays on discus. Handle doubly grooved and pierced. Small foot ring within which, in relief the signature. Unglazed. Pinkish to buff clay, slightly micaceous. Type ... May-June 1936

[Agora Object] L 2652: Lamp

Most of base and part of wall missing. Leaves and bunches of grapes on rim; rays on discus. A small hole in edge of discus at base of nozzle panel. Handle triply grooved, pierced. Base without foot ring, ... May-June 1936

[Agora Object] P 8488: Oinochoe

Much of lip missing, and handle. A small jug with flat base, trefoil mouth, single vertical handle. The body is roughly ovoid, with the broadest part about two-thirds of the way down; horizontal ribs cover ... May-June 1936

[Agora Object] P 8489: Oinochoe

Much of lip missing. Restored in plaster. Small flat base; very squat, high-shouldered body, horizontally ribbed; trefoil mouth, single vertical handle. Clay, glaze-paint and fabric like P 8488 (Ι 910) ... May-June 1936

[Agora Object] P 8490: Jug with Paint Decoration

Small vertical handle missing. Small slightly raised base; oval body; fairly wide straight neck with plain rim; neck set off from body by a conspicuous ridge. Buff clay; brownish-black glaze-paint outside, ... May-June 1936

[Agora Object] P 8491: Bowl

Flat base; squat body, with medium-high shoulder marked by two horizontal grooves; low flaring rim, with plain lip, set off from body by a ridge. Clay deep buff at center, lighter at surfaces; yellowish-brown ... May-June 1936

[Agora Object] P 8492: Cup

Small fairly high conical base, flat beneath; body the shape of an egg-cup, with wide mouth and plain lip. No handles. Two horizontal grooves around body. Rough deep buff clay; matte purplish glaze-paint, ... May-June 1936