[Agora Object] L 1154: Lamp

Mended from three pieces; the tip of the nozzle missing, and bits from the discus. Much water worn. Flat base, no handle, volutes on nozzle; very narrow rim sloping toward discus. On the discus a horseman ... 30 June 1933

[Agora Object] L 1155: Lamp

Mended from several pieces; part of bottom, walls and discus, and end of nozzle missing. Very narrow flat rim; volutes at nozzle. On the discus, the figure of a gladiator, left, with spear and small shield ... 30 June 1933

[Agora Object] L 1156: Lamp

Mended from several pieces; part of the discus, and most of the nozzle missing. Small rim; sunken discus with a large rosette; small volutes on the nozzle; low base ring; vertical ring handle. Remains ... 30 June 1933

[Agora Object] L 1157: Lamp

Mended from several pieces; fragments missing from the wall and bottom, and most of the handle. Raised ribs on the rim; on the rim opposite the nozzle a relief decoration, apparently intended for a satyr ... 30 June 1933


[Agora Object] L 1158: Handle Attachment for Lamp

Broken off where it joined the handle proper. A triangular ornament, curving inward at the tip, decorated on the face with an acanthus leaf in relief. Made in two pieces; holllow. Thin dull reddish to ... 30 June 1933

[Agora Object] P 7513: Bowl with Rouletting, Relief Decoration and Maker's Stamp

Parts of rim and side wall missing; three fragments do not join. From the fairly wide low foot ring the body rises in two successive curves to the narrow turned over rim. The rim is rounded, with rouletting ... 21 April 1936


[Agora Object] P 7514: Plate with Rouletting: Stamped

A segment of rim and floor of a Samian B plate. Two small bits of floor missing. Wide low foot, elaborately profiled keeled rim, not quite vertical. Outside of rim rouletted and inside, around center of ... 21 April 1936

[Agora Object] P 7516: Bowl

Parts of rim and wall missing. Low foot ring; sides flaring to nearly vertical keeled rim. Clay and fabric very like P 7515 (Ι 790); glaze, much flaked, is more orange. Shape is typically Samian; fabric ... 21 April 1936