[Agora Object] B 87: Fragmentary Votive Tripod

Shallow bowl. Legs riveted at the rim and a pierced disk-shaped handle on one side. Thin and poorly made. Cf. ArchEph (1917), pp. 208-209 (for tripods found at Sounion); Olympia IV, pl. XXVII, nos. 536 ... 5 April 1933


[Agora Object] L 564: Lamp: Open Saucer Type

Mended from two fragments; handle and part of left side missing. Rather deep bowl, trefoil-shaped, the sides flaring from a small flat resting surface, but bent inwards toward the front to form the nozzle ... 26 April 1932


[Agora Object] MC 1: Loom Weight

Pyramidal. A jagged circle impressed on each of two adjacent sides. Unglazed. Pinkish buff clay. In deposit in Geometric area, east of pit I, upper layer. Leica, 3-51 ... 31 March 1932

[Agora Object] MC 24: Loom Weight

Rectangular. Pierced near the center. South side of the house. Leica, 3-51 ... 4-5 May 1932

[Agora Object] MC 25: Loom Weight

Rectangular. Pierced near the center. Geometric area, house floor, eastern end. Leica, 3-51 ... 16 April 1932

[Agora Object] MC 26: Loom Weight

Rectangular. Decorated with a rosette of short and long impressed strokes. Proto-attic. Geometric area, outside house: from votive deposit. Leica, 3-51 ... 31 March 1932

[Agora Object] MC 27: Loom Weight

Irregular pyramidal. Pierced near the top. Gray clay, very roughly made. Proto-attic. Geometric area, from deposit over the house. Leica, 3-51 ... 1932

[Agora Object] MC 28: Loom Weight

Pyramidal. Pierced near the top. Very coarse buff clay. Proto-attic. Geometric area, outside house. From area A-C, southern end, upper. Leica, 3-51 ... 25-26 April 1932