[Agora Object] L 5996: Lamp

Intact except for chips on foot and rim. Globular body. Thick bottom on low disk foot with central disk on underside. Pierced lug handle. Moulded ring around filling hole. Glazed black only inside with ... 3 July 1996


[Agora Object] MC 1725: Clay Ball

Intact. Almost perfectly spherical ball. Pale yellow clay. Inventoried 30 July 2002. Finished Pyre 6099 ... 15 June 1995

[Agora Object] P 32463: Chytra

Whole vessel preserved. Crack running from lip down under curve of body and around base. Various small chips in surface. Squat, round-bottomed vessel with round mouth, single handle. Unglazed miniature ... 4th/3rd c. B.C.

[Agora Object] P 32597: Black Glaze Kantharos

Almost complete except for small fragments of wall. Mended from 27 fragments. Glaze worn. Black glazed kantharos on pedestal foot with torus and scraped groove above. Concave underside; grooved resting ... 3 July 1996


[Agora Object] P 32598: Black Glaze Plate Fragment with Rouletting: Stamped

Seven joining fragments preserving ca. two-thirds of plate with complete profile. Glaze scratched. Plate has ring foot with grooved resting surface and nipple on underside. Straight lower wall meets concave ... 3 July 1996

[Agora Object] P 32599: Black Glaze Skyphos or Bolsal Fragment

Single fragment, preserving part of the rim and upper wall, with stump of handle, of a small black-glazed skyphos. Shallow groove below body curve. Two narrow grooves below outside of rim. Pinkish-red, ... 3 July 1996

[Agora Object] P 32600: White Ground Lid

Two joining fragments preserving two-thirds of lid. Top of knob missing, and surface of underside chipped away and burned (or fired gray). Fugitive added white. Lid with tall thick knob making up most ... 3 July 1996

[Agora Object] P 32601: Chytra

Intact. Horizontal crack on handle near lower attachment. Evidence of burning. Miniature unglazed chytra with round bottom, squat body. Single strap handle rising slightly above flaring rim. Pinkish-orange, ... 3 July 1996