[Agora Object] B 934: Needle Fragments

Broken off near tip. Pierced with eye. (Two fragments April 1998, July 2000) Mycenaean grave B. 1387 Leica ... 24 April 1951

[Agora Object] P 21197: Jug Fragments

Much broken and much missing. Lip and top of handle, fragments of shoulder and scraps of the rest of the vase are preserved. Round-mouthed, wide-bodied jug; broad band handle from rim. Handle lightly double-grooved ... 24 April 1951


[Agora Object] S 347: Portrait Head of Male Figure

The nose and chin have been considerably damaged. At the base of the neck, a roughly picked tongue indicates that the head was inserted into a separate body. Head, larger than life-size, perhaps of Trajan ... Flavian period.

[Agora Object] T 3062: Female Head

Only face preserved; back of head, made separately, missing. Broken off just below chin. Trace of the start of a tower hairdo; gouged style. No color. Light pinkish-buff clay. Demolition of north and west ... 1951