[Agora Object] B 876: Three Nozzle Lamp

One nozzle broken off in two pieces, but complete except for small chip. Globular body on thin ring foot. Central filling hole with short neck and flat projecting rim, grooved on the upper surface. Three ... 8 April 1949

[Agora Object] IL 1039: Lead Weight

Small square block with elongated object (cornucopia ?) and letters in relief on upper face. Cistern, upper fill. 150-100 B.C. Leica ... 8 April 1949

[Agora Object] P 19828: Black Glaze Lagynos

Most of the neck missing, the handle and a chip from the foot. Small high ring foot roughly ridged. Steep-walled lower body meeting the domed shoulder at an angle. Scraped groove around base of neck. ... 8 April 1949