[Agora Deposit] A 14:1: Early Roman Well

Extract from notebook ΠΘ XIX, pp. 3644-3646. Well at 105/ΝΗ (report on sorting of pottery, July 19, 1951 - H.S. Robinson). "Not a useful well" HSR. Well dug to 1.50m., vi/9/36; dug from 1.50m. to bottom ... Early Roman; use fillings of 2nd. c. B.C. and 1st. and 4th. c. A.D.; dumped filling of late 4th. c. (HSR) Fill I: 2nd. c. B.C. Fill II-V: to second half of 4th. c. A.D. Fill VI: mixed to Byzantine.


[Agora Deposit] A 14:2: Cistern in ΠΘ

Report on sorting of pottery, August 1951, by H.S. Robinson [nb p.3666]. Cistern discovered and dug to 1.60m., vi/10/36; dug to bottom iv/22/37-v/6/37. Diam. At mouth 0.26m.; neck begins to widen out ... 1st. c. B.C. to post-Herulian

[Agora Deposit] B 12:1: Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios

Well on south slope of Kolonos Agoraios. Coins: 23 March 1936 #5-#6 31 March 1936 #3 30 April 1936 #1 1 May 1936 #6 2 May 1936 #2 5 May 1936 #8 6 May 1936 #15-#16 14 May 1936 #5-#8 15 May 1936 #1-#3 16 ... 50 B.C-A.D. 50

[Agora Deposit] B 13:1: Chamber Cistern

Part of cistern system 76/ΝΖ-76/ΝΘ-81/ΝΘ on Kolonos Agoraios with lower dumped filling of 3rd. c. B.C. and upper dumped filling of first half of 1st. c. A.D. Subdivisions: .1=upper fill. .2=lower fill ... 3rd. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] B 13:2: Well

Well with overflow into cistern system. Probably Hellenistic in origin. POU late 1st. c. to early 3rd. c. Dumped filling of 4th. (and 5th.?) c. Abandoned at 22.50m. because of water. Subdivisions: .1=upper ... Late 1st. c.-4th. c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] B 14:1: Well

The well had two upper fills and a stratified deposit at the bottom. The well deposit is divided into two parts, 3rd. c. and 2nd. c. (with perhaps late 1st. c.).; dumped filling of 5th century. Subdivisions: ... 1st.-3rd. c.

[Agora Deposit] B 14:2: Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios

Well on south slope of Kolonos Agoraios. Use filling of late 1st. to late 2nd. c. A.D.; dumped filling of 4th. c. A.D. Subdivisions: .1=0.00-19.50m. dumped fill (15.40-19.50m. produced nothing). .2=19.50-20.70m ... 1st.-4th c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] B 14:3: Cistern on Lower South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios

Cistern on the lower south slope of Kolonos Agoraios; dumped filling, second half of first century after Christ. Coins: 9 June 1937 #3 11 June 1937 #1-#8 ... 50-100 A.D.