[Agora Object] L 5168: Disc Fragment of Lamp

Part of the medallion and rim preserved. A basket with round bottom, straight top and a small handle on disc. Plain rim with herringbone panels. Light buff surface. Orange-buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth ... 8 July 1954

[Agora Object] L 5272: Lamp

Complete. Globules around rim, bull's head on discus. Five concentric circles incised in bottom. Handle not pierced through. Pink unglazed clay. Late Roman fill under Byzantine House A. Leica ... 18 May 1956

[Agora Deposit] G 5:2: Cistern

Essentially uniform fill of III-IV c. A.D. with a Byzantine upper fill. Coins: 14 June 1937 #1-#3 15 June 1937 #2 16 June 1937 #1 17 June 1937 #1-#2 18 June 1937 #1-#4 19 June 1937 #1-#4 9 June 1938 #1-#3 ... Late 3rd-mid-4th c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] G 8:1: Well

Well on Slopes of Kolonos, apparently with two periods of active service. The earlier dating from ca. the turn of the era well down into the 1st c. A.D. Probable that the well was never cleaned out in ... POU Early to second half 1st c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] G 11:2: Well in Cistern to West of Tholos

May be of Hellenistic origin when cistern system went out of use. For a general note on the cistern see Nb. ΟΕ III, pp. 246 ff. Objects from B 586 various depths (no subdivision): S 2324-S 2330, P 34894, ... Late 2nd-early 6th c. A.D.


[Agora Image] 2008.02.0011

Statuette of Eros ... Horizontal (normal)


[Agora Image] 2008.02.0012

Statuette of Eros ... Horizontal (normal)

[Agora Deposit] H 11:1: Well

A well with POU 7th-8th c. A.D. and 10th c. dump. Subdivisions: .1=Upper fill .2=Lower fill ... 19 May-7 June 1933