[Agora Publication] Hellenistic Pottery: Athenian and Imported Moldmade Bowls

Rotroff, S ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... This volume is the first of two to present the Hellenistic fine ware from the excavations in the Athenian Agora. Its scope is restricted to the moldmade hemispherical bowls manufactured from the late 3rd ... 1982


[Agora Object] P 4099: Moldmade Bowl

A fragment from one side; restored in plaster. From the medallion springs a succession of lanceolate petals, tendrils and tall spikes. The petals are probably a stylized version of the nymphaea lotus, ... 1932


[Agora Object] P 18673: Moldmade Bowl

Small fragments missing from rim and wall; restored in plaster. The shape unusually tall and slender, the rim vertical. Medallion, rosette; around this, single row of small leaves, from which spring four ... May 1947

[Agora Object] P 18674: Moldmade Bowl

Mended from several pieces; about half the rim and part of the wall missing. Restored in plaster. Medallion, a small rosette surrounded by very small leaves and a leaf and tendril motif, alternating to ... May 1947