[Agora Publication] Hellenistic Pottery: Athenian and Imported Moldmade Bowls

Rotroff, S ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... This volume is the first of two to present the Hellenistic fine ware from the excavations in the Athenian Agora. Its scope is restricted to the moldmade hemispherical bowls manufactured from the late 3rd ... 1982


[Agora Object] P 4101: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

A fragment of the bottom and much of the side wall. From the medallion spring tall fronds. On the side wall a frieze depicting combat scenes between two hoplites armed with spears and beween a hoplite ... 1932

[Agora Object] P 16210: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Two joining fragments preserve a little of the rim, and most of profile of body. Lip slightly out-turned, a scraped band below it. Upper zone: rosettes, double spirals, net pattern and flying bird between ... 9 May 1939

[Agora Object] P 17028: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Two joining fragments preserving part of rim and wall almost down to central medallion on bottom. Petal pattern on lower body; above, hunting or battle scene with men on horseback and afoot. Petals, guilloche, ... 9-17 June 1939


[Agora Object] P 18642: Moldmade Bowl

Mended from many pieces; small part of rim and walls missing. In medallion, small head (Athena Parthenos?). Above, five rows of small ribbed leaves. In the figured zone, hunters on horseback and afoot ... May 1947


[Agora Object] P 18643: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Mended from several pieces; part of wall and rim only preserved. In the figured zone, a long-antlered stag bounds right, head turned back, an arrow in its neck. Under its hooves, a dog, right. Right also, ... May 1947

[Agora Object] P 22889: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Four joining fragments preserve bottom and about one-third of side; rim missing. Bottom medallion: Athena Parthenos, surrounded by double rope moulding and triple row of small leaves. Above: a hunting ... 3 March 1953

[Agora Object] P 23630: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Wall fragment. Hunting scene? Main zone: two standing figures, back to back, with shields on upraised arms; an animal, lion or dog, facing left hand figure. Upper zone: guilloche; traces of other ornament ... 10 April 1953