[Agora Publication] Hellenistic Pottery Athenian and Imported Wheelmade Table Ware and Related Material

Rotroff, S ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... The second of two volumes on the Hellenistic fine ware unearthed in excavations in the Athenian Agora, this book presents the Hellenistic wheelmade table ware and votive vessels found between 1931 and ... 1997


[Agora Object] P 597: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Mended from eight fragments. Lower part only preserved. Base medallion: double rosette. Sides decorated with whirling ribs and rows of raised circles. Attic clay. Glaze brownish inside, much peeled outside ... 22 April 1932

[Agora Object] P 3124: Moldmade Bowl with Maker's Stamp

Two pieces: one mended from nine, the other non-joining, single. Restored in plaster. Profile complete. Enough remains to make out the stamp on the bottom, probably a rosette. ADDENDA Signature - Apollodorou, ... 22 February 1934

[Agora Object] P 3661: Moldmade Bowl

Broken but nearly complete. Double rosette in medallion; elongated petals divided by jewelled lines on side wall. No upper zone or incised line. Metallic glaze inside and out. Stoa Pit F, footing trench ... 21 April 1934


[Agora Object] P 5718: Moldmade Bowl

A few fragments missing from rim and walls. At bottom, rosette surrounded by incised ring; leaves around bottom. On body, goats rampant in pairs, facing each other over urns. Also erotes decorating altars ... 20 May 1935

[Agora Object] P 8125: Moldmade Bowl

Profile complete. Restored in plaster. Rosette on bottom, surrounded by scraped ring filled with miltos. Elongated petals. Plain rim. Black glaze, much peeled. Channel mouth 1. Leica ... 18-19 February 1936

[Agora Object] P 10880: Molded Vessel Fragment: West Slope

Fragment from the body, where shoulder and neck join. From a kantharos or wide-mouthed amphora, possibly like P 8557. On shoulder, wreath with incised stem and terracotta paint petals; below, an incised ... 10-11 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 14471: Moldmade Bowl

Base medallion and slightly less than half of sides and rim preserved. Restored in plaster. Base medallion worn, separated from wall by two grooves; on sides, thin leaves separated by jewelled lines. Plain ... 12 February 1937