[Agora Object] L 2890: Lamp

Slightly concave bottom; snub-nosed nozzle; large filling hole with depressed rim. Bottom surface and band around bottom and a second band, only visible at base of nozzle, are smoothly finished on the ... 2 April 1937


[Agora Object] L 3041: Lamp

Very flat watch-shaped body; pierced lug; scraped groove around filling hole. Raised base. Black glaze, somewhat peeled. Type 29A of Agora collection, type IX of Corinth collection. Well. Leica, 7-338, ... 16 May 1937


[Agora Object] L 3502: Lamp

Intact. Watch-shaped lamp on high base. Pierced lug at one side. Broad scraped groove around filling hole. Dull black glaze. Type IX (clamshell, wheel made) of Corinth collection, type 29A of Agora collection ... 9 June 1938

[Agora Object] L 3539: Lamp

Intact. Watch-shaped body, groove around filling hole; pierced knob at side. Raised base. Red to black glaze, much peeled. Pinkish-buff clay. Type IX (clamshell, wheel made) of Corinth collection, type ... 8 June 1938


[Agora Object] L 4077: Lamp

End of nozzle and much of upper part of body missing. Wheel made. Reserved groove around filling hole. Good black glaze except under foot. Type IX of Corinth collection, type 29A of Agora collection ... 15 May 1933

[Agora Object] L 4195: Lamp

Intact. Watch-shaped body; bottom slightly concave; unpierced lug at side; groove around filling hole; rather long nozzle. Blister Ware. Rather roughly made. Gray clay on surfaces, shows red in chips ... 20 May 1947

[Agora Object] L 4299: Lamp with Collar

The handle missing, the edge of the collar, and chips. Typical clam-shell variety on raised base, but with a flaring funnel-like collar around the filling hole, and a band handle from this collar to the ... 22 July 1947


[Agora Object] L 4399: Lamp

Intact except for pierced lug at left side. Clam shell variety, on high base moulded underneath. A broad groove around the filling hole. Large for this type. Badly burned. Glazed all over except on underside; ... 13 March 1948