[Agora Publication] Greek Lamps and Their Survivals

Howland, R. H ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... The author has used the trustworthy chronological data supplied by the scientific excavation of “closed deposits” at the Athenian Agora to build a continuous series of lamp types from the 7th century B.C ... 1958

[Agora Object] L 618: Lamp

Handle broken off. Body, drawn more sharply toward the very small top. Rim very narrow, surrounded by a high ridge and a groove. Very narrow, deep nozzle; flat on top. Horizontal band handle, broad; attachments ... 21 May 1932

[Agora Object] L 860: Lamp

Bulging sides; no handle or knob; no separate top or rim, but simply two grooves, the inner somewhat sunk, around the filling hole. Ring base, rising within. Fine self slip, somewhat peeled, outside; inside ... 4 April 1933

[Agora Object] L 862: Lamp

Bulging body; no knob or handle. Three grooves round a very small rim. Low base nearly flat, rising only on the inside. Outside unglazed, slipped; inside black glaze. Type VIIB of Corinth collection, ... 4 April 1933

[Agora Deposit] G 13:4: Well

Tiled well, ca. 30m south of the Tholos. Associated with Building D. Hellenistic Group A with Late Roman fill in upper 3.00m. Objects A 245 and P 4597 are from fill on floor around well-head, contemporary ... 325-260 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] H 17:5: Filling

A filling lying over a cobbled floor in a house-complex on the lower north slopes of the Areopagus. Area in front of E-W retaining wall, just above cobble pavement, disturbed by coins and pottery as late ... 375-275 B.C.