[Agora Deposit] M 17:1: Well

Use filling of middle of 1st to late 6th c. (Roman Group M); dumped filling of 9th and 10th c. Down to a depth of about 21.00m. the fill of the well contained very few objects, the latest of them being ... 1st-6th c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] M 18:1: Well

Filling of a well on the lower north slopes of the Areopagus, dug early in the 1st c. B.C. [construction fill]; in use into the the 2nd c. A.D.[well fill] (H Ms.) No apparent stratification. Coins: 17 ... 2nd c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] M 18:3: Late Roman Tomb

Tomb at 53-54/ΛΕ-ΛΣΤ-ΛΗ (Late Roman), on the lower north slope of the Areopagus Nb. says ΛΕ-ΛΗ. Deposit list and deposit DB say: ΛΕ-ΛΣΤ ... 350-400 A.D.

[Agora Deposit] M 19:1: Cistern and Channel

The cistern at 70/ΝΗ and the channel [65/ΞΑ] between chambers 70/ΝΗ and 63/ΞΒ seem to have a uniform dumped filling of first half 2nd c. A.D ... First half of 2nd c. A.D.