[Agora Deposit] H 8-10: Fillings

Investigations in the Hellenistic Metroon, various levels. Stoa Pits A, B, C, D, E, F, H and I (various layers). Locations include: SW corner of Primitive Bouleuterion; from contemporary filling alongside ... 8th-6th c. B.C.

[Agora Deposit] H 12:9: Early North-South road to Southeast of Tholos

Various layers and dates, primarily from Tholos Tr. L (area of early road drain), Q (area of road) and V (area of road). Also Room G of Trench V listed with G-H 11-12 probably has road layers (no finds, ... 8th c.-ca. 480 B.C.


[Agora Deposit] H 17:4: Terracotta Deposit

An area about 10m2. on the lower northwest slopes of the Areopagus, southeast of the archaic fountain house. A dumped fill to the end of the 3rd quarter of the 7th c. B.C., containing many votives, overlying ... 7th c. - 625 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] J 15:1: Well

Well E (diameter 1.10-1.20m) just outside the northwest corner of the southwest Fountain House. Dug initially as a pit (J 15:2) partially covered by an early Roman wall ... Early 7th c. B.C.

[Agora Deposit] R 17:5: Well A

Well A Mostly uniform dumped fill. use level probably late. The well head (A 2753) had evidently been broken up and thrown in as soon as the well went out of use. Dumped filling, second quarter of 7th ... 7th century B.C.

[Agora Deposit] T 19:3

Well at 15/ΙΕ = Pocket in side of Turkish Pit at 15/ΙΔ. Shallow well on the lower slopes of the Acropolis, east of the Panathenaic Way, in the area later occupied by the Archaic Building. Located 3.5m ... 700-675 B.C. with intrusions