[Agora Publication] Late Geometric and Protoattic Pottery: Mid 8th to Late 7th Century B.C.

Brann, E. T. H ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... This volume reports on Athenian pottery found in the Athenian Agora up to 1960 that can dated from about the middle of the 8th century, when “the appearance of a painter of sufficient personal distinction ... 1962


[Agora Object] P 4949: Bowl Fragment

From a large open bowl, glazed black insided. Outside, along upper edge, guilloche; below it, three bands from which are pendent hooks; in field, procession of stags to right. Faces and ears of stags reserved ... 11 March 1935


[Agora Object] P 6495: Cup Fragments

a) From the rim, which has a guilloche band outside, the strands alternating, black and reserved. Below, three glazed bands, and a bit of floral pattern. b) and c) From the wall, showing parts of a floral ... 15 March 1935


[Agora Object] P 7465: Skyphos Fragment

Fragment of body and rim, with one handle. Cup with very low rim and two horizontal handles with out-turned ends set at point of greatest circumference. Bands to handle zone; in handle zone, vertical bands ... 17 March-1 April 1936


[Agora Object] P 10201: Vessel Fragments

Three fragments from a large closed vase. a) From the body. Parts of four figures, from left to right, a man, right, then a smaller male figure with long curling hair, also right, facing a draped woman, ... 29 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 12184: Kantharos Fragment

Fragment from the wall of a kantharos(?), broken all around. Black glaze on inside. On wall, a bearded male(?) figure to left; animal figure to right. Bodies in silhouette; head and limbs in outline; ... 16 February 1938


[Agora Object] P 16993: Oinochoe Fragment

Two joining fragments preserve part of oinochoe neck. In a reserved panel at front, a winged sphinx marching right. Face and wings drawn in outline. Selected sherds from late and disturbed fills in grave ... 1939-1940

[Agora Object] P 25330: Vessel Fragment

Wall fragment from a large pot with thick walls. Above, dotted diamond pattern; bands. Head of cock in outline. Diamonds and zigzags in field. Brown glaze; clay pinkish-buff. Tholos trench V, room G, ... 6 May 1938