[Agora Object] L 5996: Lamp

Intact except for chips on foot and rim. Globular body. Thick bottom on low disk foot with central disk on underside. Pierced lug handle. Moulded ring around filling hole. Glazed black only inside with ... 3 July 1996


[Agora Object] P 32559: Ostrakon of Xanthippos Ariphronos

Single wall fragment, broken all around. Coarse-ware vessel, probably of closed shape. On the exterior the name and patronymic of Xanthippos: Yellow-buff coarse grained clay. Cf. Agora XXV, pp. 133-135, ... 17 July 1996


[Agora Object] P 32560: Ostrakon of Xanthippos Ariphronos

Single fragment, broken all around. Two-thirds of interior surface flaked away. Wall fragment of closed vessel, with thin dark brown glaze on exterior, on which is inscribed the name and patronymic of ... 17 July 1996

[Agora Object] P 32597: Black Glaze Kantharos

Almost complete except for small fragments of wall. Mended from 27 fragments. Glaze worn. Black glazed kantharos on pedestal foot with torus and scraped groove above. Concave underside; grooved resting ... 3 July 1996