[Agora Image] 2003.01.0348 (88-710)

Agora Excavations, staff and volunteers, 1997 ... Mounted Horizontal (normal) ... July 1997


[Agora Image] 1997.06.0045 (97-33-04)

Room II of Classical Building II (center) with north and east foundations defined (A, B) and floors (C) ... northwest Horizontal (normal) ... August 1997


[Agora Object] L 6008: Lamp

Mended from many fragments; complete except for horizontal strap handle. Low disk foot, slightly concave and reserved underneath; vertical wall, broad, inward-sloping in rim; long nozzle. Good shiny black ... 31 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32731: Bowl with Impressed Decoration

Mended from18 fragments. Complete except for sections of body and rim. Basketweave bowl. Glaze worn. Flat bottom with nearly straight sides. Exterior is impression of small woven basket. Interior smooth, ... 9 July 1997

[Agora Object] P 32760: Lekythos

Complete. One body fragment, joining neck and handle mended from two fragments. About two-thirds of the foot preserved (remainder restored in plaster). Worn. Ring foot with concave moulding. Central nipple ... 30 July 1997

[Agora Object] P 32761: Lekythos

Almost complete. Missing half of neck and rim. Worn surface. Ring foot. Low central nipple underneath. Globular body. Straight narrow neck, flaring lip. Flattened, curving handle from mid-shoulder to ... 30 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32874: Black Figure Louterion Fragments

66 fragments, making up seven pieces, with a bag of numerous fragments. a) About one-quarter of rim with one loop handle, with square handle-panel and portion of shoulder; lion's hindquarters. b) Shoulder ... 26 June-22 July 1997

[Agora Object] P 32887: Amphora

Mended from many fragments, preserving entire profile. Half of rim, portion of neck wall and top of one handle missing. Entire base preserved. Body with many gaps, partially restored in plaster. Glaze ... 19 June 1997


[Agora Object] P 32906: Amphora: Banded

Intact except for three small holes in lower body. Glaze worn. Flaring ring foot, ovoid body, thickened projecting rim slightly concave on interior. Tall narrow neck. Five broad painted bands: one at top ... 18 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32912: Amphora

Mended from many fragments. Missing rim, one handle, and fragments from the body. Dull black streaky glaze with patches of red on one side. Flaring ring foot, ovoid body with high center of gravity, and ... 17-18 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32914: Oinochoe

Mended from many fragments. Nearly complete, missing one-third of rim and several body fragments. Glaze worn. Ring foot, ovoid body with gentle curve from body to neck; trefoil lip, strap handle from rim ... 18 July 1997

[Agora Object] P 32918: Krater Fragment

Single rim fragment preserving part of rim and upper body. Glaze very well preserved. Low, slightly flaring rim, flat on top. Rounded body. Scar from strap handle attached at rim, with slight nipple on ... 23 June 1997


[Agora Object] P 32979: Skyphos: Corinthian Type

Mended from numerous fragments, largely complete except for gaps in body and rim. Flaring ring foot, horseshoe handles. Area above foot reserved and cross-hatched. Glazed inside and out. Reserved: inside ... 31 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32980: Red Figure Lekythos

Complete except for large hole in body and small pieces of rim. Ring foot with concave moulding on inner face, reserved underneath; plump, squat body. Neck offset from shoulder, high outflaring rim. On ... 31 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32981: Plate: Banded

Mended from many fragments. Ribbon-handled plate. Portion of body and of one handle missing. Small ring foot, broad open plate, unglazed except for outer face of handles, three glazed circles and dot within ... 31 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32982: Black Glaze Lekanis Lid

Mended from many fragments. Two-thirds preserved. Vertical rim, slightly domed cover. Knob handle with concave mouldings. Entirely glazed. Dark orange-buff clay, shiny black glaze. Lid for BE 1743 (P ... 31 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32983: Black Glaze Miniature Saucer

Mended from many fragments. Complete but for chip from rim. Low disk foot. Curving side walls, inward-sloping plain rim. Entirely glazed. Dark orange fabric. Black glaze. Cf. Agora XII, no. 1575. below ... 31 July 1997


[Agora Object] P 32985: Miniature Chytra

Mended from many fragments, almost complete except for small gaps on body and rim. Low squat body, rounded underside, out-turned lip. Cooking ware fabric, somewhat discolored (from burning?) on bottom ... 31 July 1997


[Agora Object] T 4461: Terracotta Mold

Broken at left and below. Mended from two fragments. Impression taken from metal vase (situla) with relief decoration. Upper part of draped female figure, facing right and looking back to the left. Right ... 10 July 1997


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 1

Agora Excavations; 1997 Season; Preliminary Report ... 1997 Excavations ... 10 June-1 August 1997


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 3

1997 Excavations ... 10 August 1997


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 4

Fig. 1 ... 1997 Excavations 2003.01.0348


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 5

Fig. 2. Fig. 3. Fig. 4 ... 1997 Excavations


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 6

Fig. 5. Fig. 6 ... 1997 Excavations


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 8

Fig. 8. Fig. 9 ... 1997 Excavations


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 9

Fig. 10. Fig. 11 ... 1997 Excavations 1997.06.0045


[Agora Report Page] 1997 Excavations, s. 10

Fig. 12. Fig. 13 ... 1997 Excavations 1997.06.0069