[Agora Report] 1938 Ψ: Section Ψ Season of 1938

Eugene Vanderpool ... Finds from Section Ψ span from Turkish down to the Neolithic and Geometric times. Several wells and cisterns from various periods were found and explored. The most extensive remains in the section belong ... 24 Jan-18 Jun 1938

[Agora Object] L 3457: Plastic Lamp

Nozzle broken away. A crouching negro boy wearing a hooded cloak, the cloak thrown over his shoulder. High oval base; filling hole behind head; hood pierced to serve as handle. Red glaze, rather flaked ... 23 May 1938


[Agora Object] L 3458: Plastic Lamp

Feet and base missing; also handle on top of head. Nude crouching figure wearing a high pointed hood; hands under chin; curls falling to shoulders. Dull red glaze, rather flaked. Buff clay. Well, lower ... 23 May 1938


[Agora Object] L 3459: Plastic Lamp

Broken in two pieces; complete save minor fractures. A draped figure standing on a high round base, and holding in front of it two bunches of grapes and other fruit. A straight cloak envelops the figure ... 23 May 1938

[Agora Object] L 3460: Plastic Lamp

Broken all around. The head and one side preserved, and a fragment of the other, with filling hole on base. A bear standing on a base; animals and vegetable ornament in relief on the base. Pierced handle ... 23 May 1938


[Agora Object] S 1054: Statue of Hermes

Complete except for right hand, a bit of the caduceus and a fragment from the left arm, where there is a break, and an iron dowel, which joined the two parts in antiquity; the head made separately and ... 18 May 1938


[Agora Object] S 1055: Head of Female Figure

Preserved to base of neck, end of nose missing, a chip from the chin and minor fractures. A life-sized head of a woman or goddess (Nemesis?), turned slightly left. Hair parted in the middle and softly ... 18 May 1938


[Agora Object] S 1056: Head of Female Figure

Broken below neck, the nose damaged; otherwise complete. Hair parted at center; a roll in front with much drilling carries around behind to a small knot; on top of head hair rendered by stiff striations ... 18 May 1938


[Agora Object] S 1057: Head of Female Figure

Nose, mouth and chin battered. At neck, chisel marks, indicating that head was cut from body. Elongated face, the hair, which is rather roughly worked in "melon-waves", is gathered up into a knot at the ... 19 May 1938


[Agora Object] T 1818: Mask

Several joining fragments preserved most of the face of a nearly-life-sized tragic mask. Long curls hang at the sides; large holes for the eyes; nostrils pierced; mouth very small. Also three other fragments ... 23 May 1938

[Agora Deposit] P 18:2: Well at 30/ΛΣΤ

Well at 30/ΛΣΤ Coins (none useful) 25 May 1938 #3-#6 26 May 1938 #3-#4 ... Early 3rd cent and of 4th-6th cent. A.D.