[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 382

Satyr Or Pan. Bottom and part of wall. Cup rests on ridge; convex underside. Conical profile, with five grooves preserved on exterior. Emblem within two scraped grooves. Head of satyr or Pan looking ... 240-200 ... Agora

[Agora Object] P 22213: Bowl Fragment with Relief Medallion

Medallion and a little of immediately adjacent wall preserved. Small concave base. Horizontal grooves around body. Medallion: Head of Helios wreathed, turned slightly to proper left. Daubs of added buff ... 16 April 1952 ... Study Collections-Case No. 14-Α ... Agora

[Agora Object] L 2212: Lamp Fragment

Bottom part only preserved. Almond-shaped reverse, with a ring of small stamped circles, within which is the stamp of a miniature left foot. One stamped circle at base of handle, and a row of them from ... 31 March 1936 ... Study Collections-Case No. 13-27 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1206

Handles and much of body restored. Round body, with both convex and concave faces wheelmade. Thin neck. Broadly outturned rim, angular profile below rim on exterior. Handles attached well below mouth ... 190-175 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 234

Four non-joining fragments of rim and neck, P 25978 a preserving the spiral of one handle, P 28759 with start of shoulder. Two small fragments (P 25978 b and c) give a bit of the flange of a handle and ... Ca. 500-490 B.C ... Agora


[Agora Object] I 132: Grave Monument Fragment

Fragment from bottom of inscribed grave relief. Back rough picked, bottom somewhat more smooth top and sides broken. To left, high chair seat faces right; drapery falls back a little between the front ... 4 February 1932 ... Agora

[Agora Object] I 7201: Marble Fragment: Prytany List

Inscribed fragment. Triangular fragment from left side of stele. Left side picked with tooth chisel. Back rough picked. Non-stoichedon. Blue Hymettian marble. ADDENDA With I 7196. Finished Found in late ... 16 July 1970 ... Agora


[Agora Object] I 5105: Marble Fragments: Bouleutic List

Inscribed fragments. Face dressed with tooth chisel. Fragment Ψ 8 a), top preserved; otherwise broken. Twelve lines of the inscription preserved. Fragments Ψ 12 b and c), insribed face only preserved ... a) (Ψ 8) 15 November 1937 b-c) (Ψ 12b and Ψ 12c) 16 November 1937 d) (Ψ 28) 18 November 1937 e) (Ψ 33) 24 November 1937 f) (Ψ 49) 25 November 1937 g) (Ψ 55) 30 November 1937 h) (Ψ 61) 30 November 1937 ... Agora