[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1078

Small flat bottom. Two horizontal ribbon handles. Glazed, outside of handles and whole of inside except for three re- served bands at the center. Others from this time are P 18519 A 17:1-U and P 17809 ... 575-550 B.C ... 18:4-L, mentioned in Hesperia, XXX, 1961, p. 336, under F 29 (Brann).


[Agora Object] P 17417: Jug

The handle and fragments of the body missing. Ring foot and rounded body curving continuously to round mouth. Micaceous gray clay, unglazed. ADDENDA This resembles 'Ampuritan gray' ware from Catalunya ... 20 July 1946 ... Study Collections-Case No. 161-3/4

[Agora Object] H 317: Phaleron Cup

Slightly convex side wall. Shiny black to reddish brown glaze. Cf. Brann 190 ... LG IIB ... Study Collections-Case No. 105-3/4

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 4

Tip of one handle, half of foot, and part of upper and lower wall restored. Flat resting surface; conical underside; no groove between moldings of heavy foot. Low stem. Horizontal spurs with parallel ... 325-300 ... Agora XXIX, no. 4 ... AV 29.4

[Agora Object] H 307: Two-Handled Cup

Unpainted two handled cups are discussed under Brann. Ours is closer to Agora examples which were found in Middle Geometric contexts ... MG II ... Study Collections-Case No. 103-2/4

[Agora Object] H 291: Skyphos

All of one side missing. Plain bottom. Shiny black glaze. For other bird skyphoi, cf. E. Brann, Hesperia 29, 1960, p. 405, no. 4. Brann would attribute all such skyphoi to one shop ... LG I ... Study Collections-Case No. 103-2/4


[Agora Object] IL 2031: Lead Tool

One end missing. Surface corroded and flaking mostly at broken end. Shaft bent into semi-circular shape (intentionally?). Thick shaft, square in section, tapers to a blunt point at preserved end. Lead ... 15 June 2007 ... gawlinski:2007:f:4


[Agora Object] BI 1291: Shell with Pigment

Slightly chipped at one edge otherwise complete. Red and yellow pigment preserved on interior surface. Finished Northwest corner of Room II. 8137 ... 14 June 2007 ... handler:2007:f:4