[Agora Object] T 559: Standing Draped Female Figurine Fragment

Mended from three pieces; waist to knee. The figure stands with the weight on the left leg, the right knee advanced. The signature, the letter E, scratched in wet clay on the back. Traces of white paint ... 12 March 1934 ... Hesperia 32 (1963), pp. 278, 287, noted ... Thompson (1963), p. 24, n. 22.

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 271

One handle and part of the other, and parts of wall and rim restored; over half of underside missing. Surface very pitted, especially on side B. Molded foot in three degrees, with scraped grooves between ... 250-200 ... H. A. Thompson 1976, pp. 263--264, fig. 139 ... Shear 1937, pp. 374--376, fig. 39 ... Agora XXI, G 21, p. 55, pl. 31


[Agora Object] S 1631: Portrait Head of Female Figure

Intact save for end of nose and ancient chip from right ear and recent chips from hair and left ear. Socket for fitting into body rough-picked; carried up high in back of neck. Hair in marked waves above ... Julio-Claudian period ... Hesperia 22 (1953), pp. 55-56, pl. 20 b. ... Agora I, no. 11, pp. 22-23, pls. 9-10.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 288

Two non-joining fragments, P 5107 with rim and body, P 44 of wall. Reserved line on side at rim; another 0.06 below rim. Glaze misfired greenish and reddish in places. P.H. P 5107: 0.127; est. diam. at ... Ca. 430 B.C ... Ca. 430 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 237

Two non-joining fragments, a of wall, b of rim and neck with start of handle zone at far left. Glaze pitted on inside of a. Max. dim. a) 0.077, b) 0.14; W. of rim 0.025; H. of neck 0.063. W. B. Dinsmoor, ... Ca. 480 B.C ... Ca. 480 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 1407

Mended with small missing pieces restored in plaster and painted. Lip offset on inside; foot offset on underside. Glaze slightly abraded on handles. H. 0.074; diam. of rim 0.18; W. with handles 0.238; ... Ca. 510-500 B.C ... Ca. 510-500 B.C.