[Agora Object] L 6136: Lamp: Howland Type 15 A

Almost complete, end of nozzle missing and gaps in the bowl, base chipped. Mended from many sherds. Glaze worn under the nozzle. Raised base with groove at junction with base and second one just below ... middle of the second quarter of the 4th c. B.C. down into first quarter of the 3rd c. B.C ... Lamp: Howland Type 15 A


[Agora Object] L 6133: Lamp: Type Howland 29A

Mended from numerous fragments. Almost complete except for heavy spalling at resting surface and on body around the nozzle. The lug is chipped away. Glaze very worn. Type 29A (Howland) lamp with pierced ... 3 August 2006 ... Lamp: Type Howland 29A


[Agora Object] P 9052: Red Figure Cup Fragments: Type B

Two fragments from a cup with rim offset inside. a) A bit of the rim with a reserved band. The head and shoulders of a woman looking left (moving right?). She wears a chiton and over it an himation falling ... 27 February 1937 ... Red Figure Cup Fragments: Type B

[Agora Object] B 1317: Fragmentary Fibula

Arch in one piece, very badly corroded. Apparently same type as B 1316, but a little smaller. Cf. B 1316. 5/Δ'* Geometric cremetion burial, urn. Less than 35% RH, in ethafoam and in a box in a plastic ... 15 June 1967 ... Agora:Object:B 1316


[Agora Object] P 18564: Red Figure Skyphos: Type B

Complete except for one handle (horizontal) and small chips. Skyphos, shape B, with substantial torus foot and one vertical and one horizontal handle; on either side an owl, facing, between olive sprays ... 29 September 1947 ... Red Figure Skyphos: Type B

[Agora Object] P 684: Bowl Fragment with Rouletting

Late Roman A bowl fragment giving profile from rim to near center. Upturned edge; low ring base. Rouletted decoration on rim, outside, and center, inside. Red clay, grayish at core; red wash inside and ... 28 April 1932 ... Hayes (1972), no. 7, p. 129, type B, form 82 ... Agora XXXII, no. 1118, fig. 35.

[Agora Object] P 27157: Dish Fragment

From rim of dish. Thickened rim, slightly hooked. Deep brick red clay and slip. Late Roman Red Ware. Cf. H-I 7-8:1. Burnt layer, 1933. Leica PD 3083-130, DA 10001 ... 1964 ... Hayes (1972), no. 4, p. 135, Type B, form 87 ... Agora XXXII, no. 1132, fig. 35.

[Agora Object] P 21685: Plate

A few fragments missing. Shallow African red slip ware plate with flat base and broad, everted horizontal rim. Fine, hard brick-red clay; self surfacing over all. Late Roman A. Cistern. 3685 Leica PD ... April 1936 ... Hayes (1972), p. 63, no. 10, Type B, form 45.