[Agora Object] PNI 5: Inscription

Finished Assembly Place; From pocket in bedrock. 22m. N.W. of N.W. corner of Bema of Period III ... 1932 ... Inscription


[Agora Object] I 6874: Inscription Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Part of left edge preserved; otherwise broken. Hymettian marble. Finished Found in late fill. Leica, 84-317 ... 27 April 1959 ... Inscription Fragment


[Agora Object] I 1749: Mining Inscription

Stele inscribed on two opposite faces. Broken away above, and below, and cut vertically perhaps in half (?) at the left side of face A. The right side of face A is preserved. "POLETAI" record; Laurion ... 2 April 1934 ... Mining Inscription


[Agora Object] I 6694: Mining Inscription

Inscribed stele. A complete stele with flat top. Sides roughly dressed except at front edge. Back roughly worked and very irregular. The inscribed surface has been carefully re-dressed with a toothed chisel ... 31 August 1954 ... Mining Inscription

[Agora Object] PNI 22: Marble Inscription

The inscription is on a flat slab, very smooth both front and back (probably re-used). The top is slightly rougher, the bottom quite rough. The left side is unevenly chopped off, and the right has only ... 23 June 1936 ... Marble Inscription

[Agora Object] PNI 14: Marble Inscription

Broken on all sides. Letters shallow, but well cut. Gray marble. Wall Trench. [---]ΣΣΙ[---] [---]ΥΝΟΝ[---] [---]ε[..]ντας[---] [---]ΝΟΙ[---] 1007 ... June 19 1936 ... Marble Inscription

[Agora Object] PNI 12: Marble Inscription

Bottom preserved, broken at top, sides and back. Well-cut letters. Pentelic marble. Wall Trench. [---]ν απ[---] [---σφε]τέρα[ν] ... 18 June 1936 ... Marble Inscription

[Agora Object] PNI 20: Marble Inscription

Broken all around. Surface badly damaged by rectangle inscribed on it. Back very rough. Letters carelessly cut. Hymettus marble. Wall Trench. 1147 ... 7 July 1936 ... Marble Inscription