Did you mean: kolonna, 1974, p. 204, fig. 4\:a,b


[Agora Coin] N 33946: Alexander III, ca. 323-319 B.C., gold

Sardis ... Alexander III, Kings of Macedonia ... Χρυσός στατήρας: Μακεδονία, Αλέξανδρος III Coin no. 1. At west edge of new course of East Branch of Great Drain, to south of Stoa Pier 5 from west; actually in footing trench of drain wall at level of ... Ca. 323-319 B.C ... Alexander III, ca. 323-319 B.C., gold


[Agora Coin] N 14481

Athens ... Plated bronze counterfeit tetradrachm. Agora XXVI, nos. 16o and p (bronze only), having identical deep cuts on their reverses and found in front of the Metroon, had been officially mutilated and deposited ... Ca. 390-295 B.C ... AgoraPicBk 15 (1975), fig. 11 ... Hesperia 43 (1974), pp. 157-118, pl. 25:f ... Agora XXVI, no. 16p, photo.