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The Agora and Pnyx Center of public activity, the Agora was a large open square where all the citizens could assemble (2, 3). It was used for a variety of functions: markets, religious processions, athletic ... AgoraPicBk 4 2004: The Agora and Pnyx

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The Ekklesia (Citizens' Assembly) All Athenian citizens had the right to attend and vote in the Ekklesia, a full popular assembly which met about every 10 days. All decrees (psephismata) were ratified ... Pnyx, a large theater-shaped ... about 6,000. The Pnyx, about ... speakers] in the Pnyx, which was

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Military Service After the 18-year-old was registered in his deme as a citizen and was approved by the Council, he entered military service as a young conscript (ephebe) with other members of his tribe ... at 60 were Athenian ... the opinion that no force

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Picture Books The Athenian Agora Picture Book series, started in 1951, aims to make information about life in the ancient commercial and political center of Athens available to a wide audience. Each booklet ... over 60 black and white ... Pantainos seem familiar: “No book ... no detail is ommitted in

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State Religion: The Archon Basileus There was no attempt in Classical Athens to separate church and state. Altars and shrines were intermingled with the public areas and buildings of the city. A single ... State Religion: The Archon Basileus There was no attempt in Classical Athens to