[Agora Object] L 4029: Lamp

Handle missing; a chip from shoulder. Watch-shaped body on false ring foot; flattened rim set off from wall by low ridge. Long nozzle rounded at end. Unpierced lug at side. Vertical strap-handle. Dull ... 9 May 1940 ... Agora IV, no. 543, p. 134, pls. 20, 46.


[Agora Object] I 6243: Epistyle Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face and left edge preserved. Possibly part of dedicatory inscription of the Odeion. Part of one letter remains. Pentelic marble. Found in marble pile, east of the Stoa of ... 7 November 1949 ... Hesperia 85 (2016), p. 543, n. 21 ... Hesperia 30 (1961), p. 270, no. 102, pl. 53 ... Agora XVIII, no. C213.


[Agora Object] P 543: Pointed Pyxis with Lid

Mended from many fragments; about half the circumference of the body, but only a small part of of that of the rim, preserved. Lid nearly complete, with small ridged handle. Fragment from rim and wall separate ... 16 April 1932 ... Hesperia 43 (1974), p. 361, no. I 18:2-8, pl. 77c ... Hesperia 37 (1968), p. 87, n. 33.


[Agora Object] L 3713: Plastic Lamp: Boar

Intact except for cracks. A boar, sitting on his haunches, his head turned slightly to one side; an elongated oval base serves as infundibulum, the nozzle under the boar's snout. Pierced ungrooved handle ... 18 April 1939 ... Agora VI, no. 1097, p. 82, pl. 31.

[Agora Object] I 6160: Prytany Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Fragment from the upper left part of a stele with pedimental top. Upper left corner of stele proper preserved; above, the horizontal and raking cornices damaged, but some of sloping ... 29 April 1949 ... Hesperia 26 (1957), p. 82, no. 29, pl. 16 ... Agora XVIII, no. C96.


[Agora Object] S 1459: Head of Male Figure from Relief

Right half of forehead and cheek missing; broken at neck, and small broken surface at back of head, probably marking break from relief ground. Male head, about half life-size, with short beard and drooping ... 17 June 1950 ... Agora XIV, p. 164, pl. 82 c ... Hesperia 21 (1952), p. 94 ... AJA 81 (1977), p. 173, fig. 38.


[Agora Object] I 2298: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Part of tooth-dressed inscribed face, only preserved. One letter and part of two others preserved. Hymettian marble. Found in the wall of the modern house 636a/2, over the east end ... 10 January 1935 ... Agora XVIII, no. H478 b, pl. 47.

[Agora Object] P 15546: Black Glaze Stand

Preserved is a substantial disc, slightly mushroomed, on a central stem (broken). The center of the top is depressed; around the edge of the depression a scraped groove; two narrow grooves outside it ... 13 June 1939 ... Agora XII, no. 1327, fig. 11, pl. 43.