[Agora Deposit] B 20:5: Inhumation of a young female

Grave XXV in notebook = RSY Grave 4. PD 731-b ... 750-725 B.C ... Inhumation of a young female


[Agora Deposit] B 21:5: Inhumation, probably young male

Grave VI in notebook = RSY Grave 10. PD 731-d Ptg. 251 ... Ca. 520-525 B.C ... Inhumation, probably young male

[Agora Deposit] O 20:4: Hole at 65/ΚΔ

Hole at 65/ΚΔ; small cutting in bedrock with scanty pottery ... 450-400 B.C ... Hole at 65/ΚΔ

[Agora Deposit] D 17:3: Cistern at 65/KH

Cistern at 65/ΚΗ (and Channel). Cistern in the northwest room of the annex to the Poros Building west of the Areopagus. Part of the same system as D 17:4 and D 17:5, the chambers connected by long tunnels ... 300-250 B.C ... Cistern at 65/KH

[Agora Deposit] C 19:8: Well at 65/ΙΒ

Well, unfinished? The shallow depth, small diameter, lack of water and any use fill make it possible that this was not a well, although the character of the cutting is difficult to explain otherwise. The ... Ca. 440-420 B.C ... Well at 65/ΙΒ

[Agora Deposit] B 18:12: Well

Diameter 0.83m. Water level -4.20m. Tiled well; height of tiles 0.60m. Heavy deposit of pottery throughout; stamped amphora handles, five Knidian; one Rhodian; one Parian. Semi-coarse stamnos; funnel-mouthed ... Ca. 120 B.C ... B 18:12 ... B 18:12

[Agora Deposit] B 18:12.1: Upper fill

Coins: 8 July 1947 #1-#2 ... 150-100 B.C ... B 18:12.1 ... B 18:12.1

[Agora Deposit] B 13:5: Well

Dumped filling in the upper part of a well, to a depth of 6.65m. (the excavation could not be completed and the use filling was not reached). Homogeneous fill dumped from nearby. Coins: 1 June 1936 #1 ... Ca. 425-400 B.C ... B 13:5 ... B 13:5