[Agora Object] I 3855: Prytany Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face, right side, and possibly back preserved. Ten lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. ADDENDA Joins with I 5392. Finished Found in Byzantine context southeast ... Ca. 275 B.C ... I 3855 ... I 3855 ... ΗΗ 145

[Agora Object] I 7163: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken horizontally at bottom. Pedimental crown chipped. Acroteria broken. Shaft of stele topped by pediment with central and lateral acroteria; tympanum crowned by fascia, ovolo, fascia ... 273/2 B.C ... I 7163 ... I 7163 ... ΒΔ 281


[Agora Object] I 6096: Honorary Decree

Inscribed stele. Stele with pedimental top. Top of pediment broken away. Stele broken diagonally below. Surface badly worn, and in places illegible, though of water in drain. Back rough picked. Decree ... 271/0 B.C ... I 6096 ... I 6096 ... Κ 1429


[Agora Object] I 6664: Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. Broken diagonally across the bottom. Part of crowning moulding missing, and chips. Decree of the year of the archon Pytharatos, in honor of the taxiarchs. Forty-five lines ... 271/0 B.C ... I 6664 ... I 6664 ... Ζ 1879


[Agora Object] I 7295: Decree

Inscribed stele. Complete. Decree honoring Kallias, son of the Thymochares, of Sphettios, in the archonship of Sosistratos. Similar decree honors his brother. Pentelic marble. Cf. IG II2, no. 682. Finished ... 270/69 B.C. (?) ... I 7295 ... I 7295 ... ΒΓ 349


[Agora Object] I 5992: Prytany Decree Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Fragment a), three joining fragments. Fragment b), three joinin g fragments with part of left edge. Fragment c), two joining fragments with part of right edge. The stone has split ... 269/8 B.C ... I 5992 ... I 5992 ... Θ 1874


[Agora Object] I 242: Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken on all sides; the back rough picked. Mended from two fragments. Decree concerning relations between Athens and Sparta. Remains of twenty lines of the inscription preserved. ... 267 B.C. (?) ... I 242 ... I 242 ... Α 275


[Agora Object] I 5873: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken at right and chips missing; back rough. At the left, a rough surface projects a little beyond the inscribed chisel-dressed face. Dated in the archonship of Peithidemos. Five ... 267/6 B.C ... I 5873 ... I 5873 ... ΒΒ 485