[Agora Object] A 3399: Cornice Block with Mason's Mark: Doric

Top is flat with a vertical step between a lower front and a higher back part. Cyma reversa bed mold, hawk's beak crown. Cutting for two Π-clamps at each end. In each end a cutting for an end dowel, which ... 28 May 1964


[Agora Object] I 3948: Dedication

Inscribed column. The bottom surface preserved, and probably the entire circumference. The dimensions given are approximate only, because the column has not been removed from the wall. Probably a column ... 1st. century B.C.


[Agora Object] I 7168: Herm Base

Inscribed Herm base. Part of top west surface broken away. Inscribed front. Socket for insertion of Herm above. Within socket, a round dowel hole, with lead remains. Smoothly finished sides, back tooth ... 17 July 1970


[Agora Object] A 554: Sima Fragment: Plastic

The left half of a terracotta sima, preserved to full height. Trace of lion's head spout at right. A goodly amount of tile preserved behind. On front in relief an ornate floral design. Red color on flat ... 24 April 1935


[Agora Object] S 312: Winged Nike: Akroterion

Missing: head, right arm just below shoulder, left arm, right leg from immediately above knee, left leg from immediately above ankle; parts of the cloak at the back gone, also the fragments of drapery ... 21 March 1933


[Agora Object] S 373: Head Fragment of Youthful Female Figure

Only the front half of the head remain, the hair bound with a fillet passing twice round the head. The hair is heavily weathered. Pentelic marble. Cf. the statue S 312, Nike. A fragment from the lower ... 5 June 1933

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 610

Wall fragment. Max. dim. 0.043. H. A. Thompson, Hesperia 6, 1937, p. 13, fig. 6:b. On the left, at the break, the fingers of an outstretched hand or the tip of a wing. Inscribed vertically: Relief contour ... Early 5th century B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 797

Wall fragment with start of base. Greenish glaze on inside. Max. dim. 0.059. H. A. Thompson, Hesperia 6, 1937, p. 13, fig. 6. Symposion. Outstretched left foot and lower leg of a figure reclining to left ... Ca. 500 B.C.