[Agora Deposit] N 18:3: Cistern at 77/M

Cistern at 77/Μ on lower north slopes of the Areopagus. Bottom diameter of 2m connected by tunnel to cistern M-N 18:1. Coins 22 February 1937 #3-#9 23 February 1937 #15-#18 25 February 1937 #8-#9 26 ... 3rd c. B.C..-196/190 B.C.

[Agora Object] L 2755: Lamp Fragment

Front part only, with rounded nozzle and plain lug. Flat bottom, slightly depressed; rounded body; gently sloping rim. Black glaze badly flaked. Wheel made. Pinkish-buff clay. Type XII (early spreading ... 22 February 1937

[Agora Object] P 9070: Unguentarium

Fusiform; plump body; well modelled lip and foot. Two white bands on body, one on neck. Red clay; dull reddish-brown surface. Cistern. Leica, 99-23-15 ... 23 February 1937

[Agora Object] P 9071: Black Glaze Bowl

High base ring; incurving lip. Glaze somewhat peeled. Cf. P 8409, P 18716. Cistern. Leica, 91-18-10 ... 23 February 1937

[Agora Object] P 9074: Kantharos: West Slope

The base, one handle and fragments from the wall missing; restored in plaster. Narrow shoulder; short neck with a projecting ridge at the line of handle attachment, below the lip. Applied leaf on high ... 23 February 1937

[Agora Object] P 9075: Black Glaze Jug

Neck, lip and handle missing. Flat bottom; plump body; very small neck. Metallic purplish glaze. Cistern. Leica PD 1091-9 ... 23 February 1937

[Agora Object] P 9078: Plate

Small piece of rilled rim missing. Inside only, covered with thin brown glaze. Cistern. Leica, 91-19-10, 91-20-3 ... 24 February 1937

[Agora Object] P 9079: Lid: Banded

Much of top and sides missing. Shallow conical lid, with downturned lip. High knob handle spreading at the top and decorated with two deep grooves. Bands of dull red glaze, one at angle of top and lip, ... 24 February 1937