[Agora Object] A 1538: Roof Tile Fragment: Stamped

Broken all around. The slightly concave face covered with red glaze wash; on the unglazed face, part of a stamp: four-spoked wheel. Buff clay. Found in red gravel stratum 1, Ostrakon Fill. 8331 Leica, ... 21 October 1949


[Agora Object] G 378: Bottle Fragment

Part of lip, beginning of upper attachment of handle, and neck to start of shoulder preserved. Flaring lip with rolled edge. Cylindrical neck. Thin pale green blown glass. Well. Container 2. 8302 Leica ... 11 May 1949


[Agora Object] G 379: Vase Fragment

Section of rim and upper wall preserved. Rim flares slightly. Clear blown glass. Well. Container 2. 8302 Leica ... 11 May 1949


[Agora Object] G 380: Bowl Fragment

Part of center of base and lower wall. Green glass. Well. Container 8. 8302 Leica ... 13 May 1949


[Agora Object] IL 1040: Lead Token

Intact. A. female head, right. B. head left, helmeted (?). At surface of stone packing between drain and house wall. 8222 Leica ... 1 April 1949

[Agora Object] IL 1041: Lead Weight

A rectangular one. In relief, amphora, and the letters Τ Ρ Ι Τ Η. Between House P and road: thin mixed fill over stereo. 8284 Leica ... 11 April 1949


[Agora Object] L 4167: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Complete except for chip from side. Wreath on upper body. Signed underneath: "A". Dull black to brown glaze. Type XXVIII (post Sullan) of Corinth collection, type 54A of Agora collection. Cistern. Box ... 26 April 1947

[Agora Object] L 4168: Lamp

About half the nozzle and half the discus missing. Concave discus; very narrow grooved rim; triangular nozzle with volutes at the sides. Faint traces of some relief representation on the discus. Red glaze ... 26 April 1947