[Agora Deposit] A 17:1: Well on Lower Slope of Hill of the Nymphs

A well on the lower slope of the Hill of the Nymphs, (diam. 1.20m -water level -7m), to 7.90m. The scanty use filling at the bottom contained water jars and pitchers as well as the inventoried objects; ... Second quarter of 6th. c. B.C.


[Agora Deposit] B 14:5: Pit

A flask-shaped storage pit or cellar, cut in the rock at the south edge of the levelled top of Kolonos Agoraios. Filled late in first quarter of 6th. c. B.C. (2.95m from east to west by 2.70m from north ... First quarter 6th. c. B.C.

[Agora Deposit] D 11:5: Pit and Well

Pit and well at eastern edge of Kolonos Agoraios with uniform fill. Diameter 1.90m; straight round shaft ... Late 8th-first half 7th c. B.C.

[Agora Deposit] F-G 12:1: Road Fills

Filling of early N-S road and related fills, in the area of the Geometric Cemetery south of the Tholos; various levels including plundered foundation trench. For late, disturbed or uncertain levels over ... 7th-6th c. B.C.

[Agora Deposit] G-H 11-12

G-H 11-12 was probably extended to G-I and is hereafter G-I 11-12. Aterisk: G-H 11-12*