Agora Coin: N 41362
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Coin
Name:   N 41362
Inventory Number:   N 41362
Section Number:   Η-3044
Category:   Coin
Notes:   Coin no. 43. GCM 700.43. Hoard.
Context:   Under the foundations of a modern house.
Notebook Page:   90
Weight:   1.34
Metal:   Copper
Chronology:   1688 A.D.
Date:   15 February 1933
Section:   Η
Grid:   Η:15/Β
Period:   Turkish
Mint:   Constantinople
Authority:   Süleymān II
Bibliography:   Agora IX, no. 173.
References:   Publication: Agora IX
Notebook: Η-1
Card: Η-3029-3053
Card: Η-3029-3053