Agora Coin: N 52611
Inventory Number:   N 52611
Section Number:   ΠΠ-575
Category:   Coin
Description:   Sv. 89.6--10; NCP, Z:xi, xii, xiv
Notes:   Casts
Obverse:   Elaborate bust of Athena r.; wreathed border.
Reverse:   A|θ|H or A|θ-H or AθHN-AI At center, olive tree, with owl in branches and snake entwined around trunk; at l., Poseidon, half nude, striding r., brandishing trident in upraised r. hand; at r., Athena moving l., extending r. hand toward tree and holding spear and shield with l.; border of dots.
Weight:   7.90
Denomination:   Drachm
Material:   Bronze
Metal:   Bronze
Chronology:   ca. 120's--140's or later after Christ
Section:   ΠΠ
Period:   Greek
Region:   Attica
Authority:   Athens
Bibliography:   Agora XXVI, no. 174 a, photo.
References:   Publication: Agora XXVI
Publication Page: Agora 26, s. 155, p. 129
Publication Page: Agora 26, s. 373, p. 347
Card: ΠΠ-575