Agora Coin: N 8883
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Coin
Name:   N 8883
Inventory Number:   N 8883
Section Number:   Γ-1612
Category:   Coin
Description:   Context [``Layer 2 of MJ''] with Period III Athenian coins to third quarter of 2nd century B.C. [three Agora XXVI, no. 98: Athena/Amphora]; see Agora XXVI, no. 984.
Notes:   Coin no. 16.
Context:   Martyr I, Layer 2.
Obverse:   Head of bearded Dionysos r., wearing ivy wreath.
Reverse:   A-N|δ-PI Tripod.
Notebook Page:   3006
Negatives:   C 111, 85-29-11
Weight:   0.90
Die Axis:   12:00
Material:   Bronze
Metal:   Bronze
Chronology:   4th-2nd c. B.C.
Date:   9 June 1939
Section:   Γ
Deposit:   D-E 15:1
Period:   Greek
Region:   Aegean Islands
Authority:   Andros
Bibliography:   Agora XXVI, no. 824 (Published under the section no. Γ-1612a).
Published Type:   BMC Crete etc., nos. 20-22.
References:   Publication: Agora XXVI
Image: 2012.75.0333 (85-29-11)
Deposit: D-E 15:1
Cards and Envelopes (4)