Agora Deposit: G 12:24
Title:   Inhumation with Remains of a Sacrificial Pyre
Category:   Burial
Description:   Grave 20 in notebook. Objects recorded in nb. from Grave 21 (earlier and disturbed by Grave 20) are included here. A pyre [using pieces of pots from Grave 21] was probably burned beside grave 20 and some of the remains were thrown in.
Male with head toward northeast. Offerings placed at feet. Grave filled with ashes and cinders, including fragments of pottery. Sealed with slabs, more burned matter and fragments of pots joining those inside grave.
Contents:   Lot Β 307: sherds found in and over grave 20 but clearly belonging to grave 21.-Grave 21 found inside Grave 20, recorded with G 12:24 (P 5497-P 5504).
Pyre objects (?) considered to be from Grave 21 in notebook but recorded with G 12:24 (P 6483-P 6485, T 807, T 841).
Notes:   Bones in the Museum of Natural History, N.Y. (nbp. 912 and Hesp. Suppl. 2, p. 44).
Originally F 12:2
Bibliography:   Hesperia 14 (1945), p. 306, no. 83.
    Hesperia Suppl. 2 (1939), pp. 44-55, figs. 1, 29-31, 32-36, 73 (Grave XI).
    Agora VIII, p. 128.
PD Number:   PD 404
Chronology:   Late Geometric
Date:   13 April 1935
Section:   Β'
References:   Publication: Agora VIII
Publication: Hesperia 14 (1945)
Publication: Hesperia Suppl. 2 (1939)
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