Agora Deposit: G 6:3
Title:   Rectangular Rock-Cut Shaft
Category:   Other
Description:   A cave-in not long after the digging of this shaft destroyed its possible usefulness as a well and thereafter it was used as a dump. Two principle periods of such use were noted, and within these several phases.
Upper filling: Ca. 510-480 B.C. cf. Hesperia 15 (1946), pp. 265-336.
Lower filling: Ca. 575-535 B.C. cf. Hesperia 7 (1938), pp. 363-411.
Contents:   Noted on reducing tins (L.T. with help from H.A.T).
Lower Fill: Tins 308-338. This was sorted all together, and regrouped by "Kind', lettered under these numbers, as follows (6 tins).
a) Large black glaze amphora; other large pots.
b) Wine jars; black glaze.
c) Cooking ware.
d), e), f) Roof tiles, pithoi, tubs.
Nos 324-327: were kept out so as to make up the joins which they contained, p. 1340.
Upper Fill: this was sorted by depths, and the original tin numbers retained; see noted in storage list; new tin labels given consecutive numbers.
Notes:   Subdivisions:
.1=Upper fill, 0.00m. to 12.00m.
.2=Lower fill, 12.00m. to bottom.
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Chronology:   Ca. 575-480 B.C.
Date:   25 July-8 October 1932
Section:   Α
Grid:   G/3,4-6/7,8
Elevation:   -20m.
Masl:   -20m.
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