Agora Deposit: J 1:13
Title:   Tomb
Supervisor:   Marcie Handler
Category:   Burial
Description:   This deposit is a Mycenaean cist grave with two cover slabs, a type of burial described by Immerwahr in Agora XIII (pp. 103-104). Cist graves appear side by side with chamber tombs in the Mycenaean cemeteries of the Agora.
The cutting for the grave measured 1.80m long (E to W) and 1.06m wide (N to S). Two slabs: a worked, flat, roughly rectangular poros limestone slab on the east (which had collapsed in the tomb,, sloping down to the north), and an unworked boulder with a naturally flat top surface and uneven underside on the west (it was still in situ). Six small stones were found wedged between the edges of the boulder and the edges of the cutting, and four more small stones were found just south of the collapsed poros slab, indicating that they were also used to line the cutting or fill the gap between the cutting and the slab.
The fill on top of poros slab (Lot ΒΖ 2135) included pottery dating mostly to the late 8th c. B.C., but also it included a few sherds of the first quarter of the 5th c. B.C. and an Ostrakon of Xanthippos (ΒΖ 1983), providing a terminus post quem of 484 B.C for the fill that collapsed on top of the slab. The upper fill covering the boulder on the west end of the cutting (Lots ΒΖ 2128 and 2130) dated to ca. 500 B.C., and the fill lying directly on top of the boulder (Lot ΒΖ 2131) dated to the late 8th c. B.C., indicating that the tomb was covered over in the late Geometric period.
Bibliography:   Hesperia 89 (2020), pp. 613-617, fig. 20.
Chronology:   LHIIB-LHIIIA:1
Date:   8 July-14 July 2015
Section:   ΒΖ
Grid:   J/13,15-1/20
Elevation:   51.431-50.346m.
Masl:   50.346-51.431m.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 89 (2020)
Report: 2015 Excavations
Report Page: 2015 Excavations, s. 2
Report Page: 2015 Excavations, s. 6
Report Page: 2015 Excavations, s. 9
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