Agora Deposit: M 18:2
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Deposit
Name:   M 18:2
Title:   Fill
Category:   Other
Description:   Hellenistic Fill at 70/ΛΣΤ.
Fill in irregular hollow. Pottery resembles Sullan debris, but lack of late duoviri handles suggests deposit slightly predates the sack.
Contents:   Coins
6 March 1937 #1-#4
Bibliography:   Agora X, p. 137.
    Agora XXIII, p. 333.
    Agora XXIX, p. 461.
    Agora XXXIII, p. 364.
Chronology:   Late 2nd c. B.C.
Date:   6 March 1937
Section:   Φ
Grid:   Φ:70/ΛΣΤ
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Lot: Φ 53
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