[Agora Card] T 3058

T 3058 ... T 3058

[Agora Object] T 3058: Mother with Child Figurine Fragment

Lower part of seated female holding a child on her lap. Broken all around. Traces of red paint on chair, white sizing on drapery. Pinkish-buff clay. Fill over Library Peristyle, 4th.-5th. A.D. 2534 Leica ... 23 June 1939 ... T 3058 ... T 3058

[Agora Object] I 3058: Marble Fragment: List of Names

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face, left face, and rough picked back preserved. Seven lines of the inscription preserved; stoichedon. Pentelic marble. Found in marble dump, in the area of the northwestern ... 4th. century B.C ... Object


[Agora Image] Geometric skyphos.

Angelique Sideris ... Museum object. Stoa Gallery-Case No. 21. Horizontal (normal) ... 16 Feb 2012 ... 2012.02.3058 ... 2012.02.3058


[Agora Image] Dog shaped rattle.

Craig Mauzy ... Museum object. Stoa Gallery-Case No. 48. Horizontal (normal) ... 2 Apr 2012 ... 2012.03.3058 ... 2012.03.3058

[Agora Object] A 3058: Impost Block

Part of one straight flaring end preserved with a simple broad leaf pattern. Early Christian. Circled marbles in section Ο. Leica ... May 1960 ... A 3058 ... A 3058

[Agora Object] L 3058: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact. Handle pierced. Discus ribbed; on rim, leaves and bunches of grapes. Underneath the signature. Unglazed. Pale buff clay. Type XXVII of Corinth collection. Well. Leica PD 1375-61 ... 20 May 1937 ... Object

[Agora Object] P 3058: Storage Amphora Fragment with Dipinto

The upper part of a ribbed two-handled jar which had held resin. On the shoulder: Buff clay unglazed. Previously North Basement-Jar Fragments, Block VIII (Late 1st and 2nd A.D.). Well. Leica PD 1133-43(Hd ... 16 June 1933 ... Object