Agora Object: Agora XII, no. 1
Dimensions:   H. rest. 0.24; diam. 0.174.
Chronology:   575-550 B.C.
Deposit:   Q 13:5
Bibliography:   Hesperia, XXV, 1956, pl. 18 k.
Published Number:   AV 12.1
References:   Object: P 24986
Foot missing.

Offset neck and echinoid mouth; raised ridge at junction of neck and wall; round handles. Neck reserved. Added red: band at level of lower attachment of handles.

For a later version, see P 1358 G 6:3-U Hesperia, XV, 1946, pl. 66, 268, with an ivy wreath round the neck. A patterned example from the Agora forms a link between the plain and the figured; it has black-figured lotuses on the neck and a stout echinus foot; P 18348 A 17:2 Hesperia, XVII, 1948, pl. 65, 1; Archaeology, I, 1948, pp. 13-20.