Agora Object: Agora XII, no. 2
Dimensions:   H. 0.292; diam. 0.285.
Chronology:   Late 6th c. B.C.
Deposit:   D 7:2
Published Number:   AV 12.2
References:   Object: P 7266
Spreading ring foot with torus outer and convex inner face. Fillet at junction of foot and wall, bounded at either side by a scraped groove. Strap handles; double mouth consisting of two broad tori. Ring at junction of neck and wall, bounded at either side by a scraped groove. Reserved: torus edge of foot and lower torus moulding of mouth. Added red: two lines at the level of the lower attachment of the handle, one line at edge of flat top and torus edge of foot.

In shape it resembles the unpublished black amphora found in the Stara Zagora tomb in Bulgaria and now in the Ashmolean, Oxford. The mouth is found also on the oinochoe 181, Pl. 10, which resembles 2 also in the shape of the body. 182 and 183, Pl. 10, are later but show the same detail. Also close are an unpublished oinochoe from the American exca- vations on Samothrace (p. 69, note 67) and an unpublished amphora in the Louvre (76.252), not certainly Attic.

Restored in plaster.