[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1765

Handle. Handle plate, upper part of handle, and part of wall preserved. Vessel probably contracted in to a neck, then flared out to rim. Broad, flaring handle plate with concave sides, a dolphin leaping ... Object


[Agora Object] P 1918: Plastic Attachment: Dolphin

Black glaze cup handle fragment. A small bit of the glazed inside of the cup preserved and the downward start of the handle proper, beneath the thumb rest. Dolphin in relief on thumb rest. Black glaze ... 26 April 1933 ... Agora XXIX, no. 1765, pl. 138.


[Agora Object] T 1653: Standing Draped Female Figurine

The lower part is cylindrical. The skirt flares to form a base concave beneath. The hands are held close to the sides; the breasts are prominent. Drapery indicated by wavy vertical stripes of red glaze, ... 7 April 1938 ... T 1653 ... T 1653 ... Σ 1765


[Agora Card] T 1653

T 1653 ... T 1653 ... Σ 1765

[Agora Object] T 442: Mask Fragment

Part of the forehead and the right eye, and the center of an elaborate headdress preserved. Mould-made, hollow. Traces of red paint on the headdress. ADDENDA: Probably part of a bracket, cf. T 1166 a ... 6 May 1933 ... Object

[Agora Object] T 552: Relief Fragment

A nude figure, apparently female, is preserved to the waist. She seems to be struggling in the coils of a serpent, who is strangling her. Red clay with dusty yellow surface. Cf. T 269, 960, 1125, 1541, ... 28 February 1934 ... surface. Cf. T 269, 960, 1125,


[Agora Object] T 2952: Standing Draped Female Figurine Fragment

Part of a standing female figure on a large scale. Much of the front preserved from knee to shoulders. The figure wears chiton and himation, the cloak wrapped close around her body to the hips and covering ... 14 April 1949 ... T 2952 ... T 2952


[Agora Object] T 2302: Cat Figurine

Crouching cat with tail stretched out behind. Ears, left front paw and lower part of face missing. Traces of white. Handmade. ADDENDA Animal toys for babies. Cf. T 2303, T 2304, T 2305, T 2306. Layer ... 23 July 1946 ... Animal toys for babies. Cf. T 2303, T 2304, T 2305, T 2306.