Agora Object: Agora XXIX, no. 1802
Dimensions:   P.H. 5.2.
Chronology:   Context of before ca. 180
Deposit:   H--K 12--14
Published Number:   AV 29.1802
References:   Object: P 22813
Moldmade Bowl.

Wall fragment.

Moldmade body. Parts of two petals or leaves, diagonally ridged, with heavy, dark central ribs. Very pale brown fabric (10YR 8/3); shiny, pale aquamarine exterior surface, dull brown on ribs; interior surface white.

Cf. Pagenstecher 1913, p. 124, fig. 131:f, seemingly with the same coloration. Others with the same pattern but without the brown accenting of the ribs are Tarsus I, no. 183, p. 225, fig. 132 (with additional references) and fig. 170:A; Langlotz 1932, no. 929, p. 164, pl. 252 (from Crete); Bissing 1902, no. 18019, p. 100.