Agora Object: Agora XXIX, no. 332
Dimensions:   H. 2.9; Diam. 12.7.
Chronology:   275-265
Deposit:   E 14:1, lower fill
Bibliography:   Rotroff 1991, no. 22, p. 71, pl. 19.
Published Number:   AV 29.332
References:   Object: P 5814
Parts of wall restored.

Recessed bottom with scraped groove and ridge on underside.

Very shallow cup with straight walls. Six grooves on exterior, beginning 1.5 cm. from bottom. Scraped groove below rim inside.

Central moldmade emblem in concave sinking surrounded by two convex moldings painted with crosses and white dots; one scraped groove between them, two surrounding them. Emblem: satyr with pointed ears, ivy garland on head; paint on ears, lips, and garland. Wall: ivy garland with orange leaves painted in outline, on stems, alternating with rectangles of white dots. Lustrous black glaze.

Edwards Group.

Cf. especially 1224, Watzinger 1924, G 2, p. 68, pl. 50, and Antiken aus Bonn, no. 234, pp. 203--204, pl. 108 for decoration. For similar cross border pattern see 138. Shape similar to Patsiada 1990, no. 16, pp. 148--149, fig. 7, pl. 52:γ. For other satyr emblems see 379, 381--383; Demetrias I, nos. 133--135, p. 122, pls. 43:3, 5, 7, XIX:1--3; Pagenstecher 1913, p. 59, fig. 70.